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Meeting Our Griots March Study Group: The Mundane and the Marvelous
"Re-enchanting reality through magic realism and surrealism" is a series of monthly gatherings within our Meeting Our Griots study group that explores the dreamworld, the strange, the imaginary and the fantastical in African literature. Through wordplay, collective readings and speculative conversations, we will enter the Dreaming and discover reimagined realities that are both ordinary and extraordinary, and that challenge reality and the realms of possibilities.
Mar 19
19:00 PM GMT
15:00 PM EST
12:00 PM PST
22:00 PM CAT

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This month, we will explore The Flowers Spoke On Wash Day and Moving Into Higher Realm, two short stories by Mica Montana and Cece Alexandra published in the Reverie Issue of POSTSCRIPT in 2020. In these writings, the two writers embrace the otherworldly to construct alternative narratives to mental health experiences that are expansive and liberating. P.S. In the coming weeks, I'll share with you info on the following gatherings with Ben Okri's being the next session.

  • Grounding the session in the work of Martinicanwriter, teacher and scholar Suzanne Roussi Césaire who was the pioneer of Afro-Surealism and a founding member of the Négritude movement.
  • Juxtaposing the literary and the visual by exploring contemporary African art in relation to themes on mental illnessusing the work of South African artist and genius Lunga Ntila, an homage to her life and her groundbreaking work.
  • Using a surrealist approach to re-imagining social stigmas as a way to develop counter-narrative stories around them.

Meet our speakers

Keren Lasme
Literary Curator
Interdisciplinary artist, writer, and literary curator. With a foundation in African Studies from SOAS University of London, Keren merges mythopoetic identity with the transformative power of reading. She envisions learning spaces as portals to freedom, healing, and societal reimagination, intertwining education, care politics, and African literature as praxis..
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