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a new era of Pan-African education

Join us to build a learning ecosystem that shares wisdom for transformative change. 

Teachers and contributors

Earn from your knowledge and impact by connecting a global community of learners who are seeking out the wealth of wisdom you hold. 
We want to amplify your unique expertise and perspectives. As a collaborator, you can engage with Ijeruka in two distinct ways:
Share your knowledge in our multi-teacher programs, make guest appearances in webinars, Q&A sessions, or contribute content to our digital library, such as articles, videos, educational materials or guides.
Collaborate with us to design and deliver transformative courses, workshops, or events.
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Strategic Partners

Reach a highly engaged, diverse, educated global audience who are passionate about improving themselves and the world.
We welcome partnerships with organisations, institutions, and entities who share our commitment to creating a more just, inclusive, and sustainable future. Work with us to advance generative discourse and the transformational skills and mind sets needed to redefine our future. 
Co-curation & collaborative projects
Co-curate new courses, events, and content with our team, shaping educational experiences to amplify your expertise and mission.
Joint Marketing Efforts
Engage in promotional campaigns with us, reaching a wider, diverse audience while exposing our community to your unique, values-aligned offerings. 
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Become an Ambassador and play a pivotal role in amplifying Ijeruka's reach - work with us to uplift Ijeruka among your community.
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What we look for in partners?

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, genders, generations, geographies and disciplines. We look for both established individuals and organisations, and emerging voices and groups. 
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Our partners should be:
  • Aligned with our mission and vision.
  • Able to offer unique expertise, insight or influence that can enrich our community.
  • Committed to collaboration, co-creation, and active participation.