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a new era of Pan-African education

We invite leading experts, emerging voices, high-impact institutions, and visionary sponsors to join us in shaping the future of Pan-African education.

Experts and Visionaries

Earn from your knowledge and impact by connecting a global community of learners who are seeking out the wealth of wisdom you hold. 
Whether you're at the forefront of your field or an emerging voice with fresh insights, if you share our mission but lack the tools or reach, Ijeruka is your platform to shine. We specialize in transforming your knowledge into impactful learning experiences that make an impact.
Collaborate with us to design and deliver transformative courses, workshops, or events.
Knowledge sharing
Share your knowledge in our multi-teacher programs, make guest appearances in webinars, Q&A sessions, or contribute content to our digital library, such as articles, videos, educational materials or guides.
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Organisations Looking to Make a Difference

Reach a highly engaged, diverse, educated global audience who are passionate about improving themselves and the world.
Does your institution hold a wealth of knowledge but lacks the direct channel to our specific audience or the infrastructure to create engaging online courses? Ijeruka offers an unparalleled reach to Black, African, and Afro-diasporic communities, wrapped in a package of professional course design and facilitation services that make education impactful and accessible.
Co-curation & collaborative projects
Create new courses, events, and content with our team, shaping educational experiences to amplify your expertise.
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opportunities for sponsors

Partner with Ijeruka to design programs that not only reflect your organization's values and areas of interest but also leave a lasting impression on the communities you care about.
  • Unlock doors for countless learners: Sponsor bursaries for promising students who lack financial means, making an impact in individuals’ lives.
  • Co-Create Impact: Partner with us to design or support programs that align with your areas of interest and impact objectives.
  • Visibility & Engagement: Gain visibility among a highly engaged and diverse community passionate about growth, innovation, and social change.
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Why partner with us?

We're pioneering a learning movement that connects the wisdom, stories, and brilliance of Africa and its diaspora with a global audience hungry for knowledge that reflects their heritage, challenges, and aspirations. Our platform offers a unique blend of culturally relevant content, innovative course design, and a deeply engaged community.
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Ijeruka offers:
  • Reach: Extend your influence to a dedicated and passionate audience of black, African, and Afro-diasporic learners around the world.
  • Monetization & Resources: Leverage our infrastructure to monetize your expertise. Benefit from our comprehensive support in course design, marketing, and technology.
  • Collaborative Design: Benefit from our experience in creating compelling, culturally relevant programs, blending your insights with our unique pedagogical approach.