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Meeting Our Griots April Study Group: The Song of Our Inner Child
"Meeting Our Griots" is a monthly study group that dives into the heart of African literature to uncover the depth of everyday wisdom. This month will explore how everyday life is intertwined with elements of the fantastical, using The Famished Road by Ben Okri as a reflection of our own inner child
Mar 19
19:00 PM GMT
15:00 PM GMT
12:00 PM PST
22:00 PM GMT

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In "The Song of Our Inner Child," the second iteration of our monthly gathering, we delve deep into the heart of African literature to explore the mystical, the peculiar, and the enchantingly fantastical elements that define our understanding of reality and imagination. Centering on Ben Okri’s seminal novel, "The Famished Road," we invite participants to journey with us into the life of Azaro, an "abiku" or spirit-child, whose existence bridges the tangible and the ethereal, the known and the mystical.

This study circle is not just a literary exploration; it's a personal journey inward, prompting each of us to reflect on our own inner child through the lens of Azaro's experiences. As we traverse the narrative of "The Famished Road," we'll engage with themes of resilience, wonder, and the boundless capacity of the human spirit to dream and transcend.

Participants will be encouraged to ask themselves poignant questions: What lessons can Azaro teach us about viewing the world with a sense of awe and infinite possibility? How does his story inspire us to harness our creative power to envision and forge new paths? In what ways can reconnecting with our inner child, with its inherent resilience and joy, transform our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world?

  • The Spirit-Child as a Metaphor: Exploring the concept of the "abiku" or spirit-child, particularly through the character of Azaro in Ben Okri's "The Famished Road," as a reflection of the untamed, uncorrupted essence of our inner child.
  • Reclaiming Joy and Wonder: The study session aims to reignite the sense of joy, wonder, and curiosity that often diminishes in adulthood, encouraging participants to reconnect with these vital aspects of their inner child.
  • Imagination as a Tool for Transformation: Understanding how Azaro's experiences and perspectives can inspire us to tap into our own imagination, envisioning and creating new worlds and possibilities beyond the confines of our current realities.
  • Resilience and Perseverance: Azaro's journey is one of constant challenge and rebirth, symbolizing the resilience and perseverance needed to navigate life's trials while maintaining the purity and wonder of our inner child.

Meet our speakers

Keren Lasme
Literary Curator
Interdisciplinary artist, writer, and literary curator. With a foundation in African Studies from SOAS University of London, Keren merges mythopoetic identity with the transformative power of reading. She envisions learning spaces as portals to freedom, healing, and societal reimagination, intertwining education, care politics, and African literature as praxis..
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