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Cultural Architectures: Building Afrocentric Realities
Jul 2
Jul 25, 2024
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Course summary

At the heart of every revolution lies the audacity to dream of a world radically different from the present. "Cultural Architectures: Building Afrocentric Realities" is designed to empower you with the tools to not only dream but actively construct new realities where our African  and diasporic identities are not merely acknowledged, but positioned as the bedrock of societal progress.

This immersive online course will guide you through the intricate ways in which culture shapes our collective reality, empowering you to become an active participant in its evolution. You will explore how people of African descent have shaped and continue to shape the world. By encountering their rich histories, philosophies, and practices, you will master the art of infusing Afrocentric sensibilities into everyday life.

Over 4 weeks of self-discovery and community building, you'll develop a deep understanding of Afrocentricity as a powerful theory of social change. You'll learn to identify, value, and leverage the unique cultural assets within your community, transforming them into tools for personal and collective empowerment. Challenge dominant narratives, design stories that uplift and liberate, and ultimately, define your role as a change agent.

Your Path to Becoming a Cultural Architect

Just as architects craft spaces that influence how we live, move, and feel, cultural architects shape the narratives, values,and visions that define our collective existence. "Cultural Architectures: Building Afrocentric Realities" invites you to view existence as a perpetual act of world-making, aligned with the energies of your wildest dreams.

Throughout this course, you will embark on a joyful process of defining the worlds you wish to inhabit. You will emerge with a powerful sense of cultural confidence and tangible tools to enact change, paving the way for more authentic expression and creations rooted in a deeper, more meaningful understanding of your values and heritage.

Own your roots and become an architect of change.

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What to expect

Over four weeks, you will:

  • Learn how culture shapes our collective reality and how you can actively participate in its evolution.
  • Discover diverse histories, philosophies and practices of people of African descent globally
  • Explore Afrocentricity as a framework for personal and collective transformation, empowering you to take action.
  • Identify and leverage the unique cultural assets of your community to create positive change.
  • Challenge cultural hegemony and design narratives that reflect your identity and empower your community.
  • Define your role as a change agent, creating a personal vision for a world that honors your heritage and empowers future generations.

Taught by Uzoma Orji and Anwulika Okonjo, this course unfolds across weekly sessions on Thursdays, blending live discussions, hands-on workshops, and self-paced video lessons. Each lesson is designed to introduce key concepts and foster an environment of active learning and practical application, ensuring participants not only grasp key principles but also apply them creatively in their contexts.

  • Self-paced Video Lessons
  • Live Discussion Sessions
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Curated Resources & Workbook
  • Community Discussion Space

Course modules

Select module
Foundations of Afrocentrism and Cultural Architecture
June 11, 2024
Delve into the roots of Afrocentric thought and explore and understand how culture shapes our understanding of the world. Learn about African and global black knowledge systems and the art of world-building, and how these frameworks can lay the groundwork for re-envisioning our realities. Key Lessons: ✳︎ Defining Cultural Architecture & World-Building Exploring ✳︎ Routes and Roots of Afrocentrism ✳︎ Identifying Your Role in the Renaissance
Power and Cultural Confidence
June 18, 2024
Unpack the mechanisms of cultural dominance and how it shapes perceptions of African and diasporic peoples. Discover the power of counter-narratives, and grounding ourselves in indigenous wisdom, to shift perspectives and foster cross-cultural understanding. Key Lessons: Understanding Cultural Hegemony ✳︎ Developing Cultural Confidence ✳︎ Honing Your Glitch: Cultivating Your Unique Voice
Cultivating Afrocentric Sensibilities
June 25, 2024
Embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the richness of Afro-aesthetics and indigenous values. Learn to integrate these sensibilities into your creative expression, decision-making, and community engagement. Key Lessons: ✳︎ Living by Indigenous Values ✳︎ Embracing Afro-Aesthetics ✳︎ Sankofa Applied: Harnessing Ancestral Wisdom for Social Change
Towards Plurality: Expanding Afrocentric Influence Globally
July 2, 2024
Explore how Afrocentric contributions enrich global landscapes. Examine the potential of Afrocentric perspectives to enrich global conversations and contribute to solving complex challenges. Understand the necessity of spreading those contributions more fairly across the world. This module tackles the universality of Afrocentric thought and its potential for building a more just and vibrant future for all. Key Lessons: ✳︎ Cosmological Equity ✳︎ AfroFuturism in Practice ✳︎ Global Impact of Afrocentric Perspectives

Meet our instructors

Uzoma Orji
Creative Technologist
Chidumaga Uzoma Orji is an indigenous futurist, visual and experiential artist and creative technologist. His work is concerned with unpacking post-colonial crises of identity, fuelling imagination in service of progressive African futures, and conceptualising a digital ethos for the 21st century that is reflective of ancestral technological modalities, all with a view to contributing to a liberated, free and healed African psyche.
Anwulika Okonjo
Founder of Ijeruka
Anwulika Okonjo is a Nigerian entrepreneur, social innovation strategist, and the founder of Ijeruka. Her work explores the politics of imagination and engaged citizenship, using education and media as tools for social transformation. With a background as vibrant as the communities she serves, she's worn many hats: from scholar-activist and community organiser, mobilising young women activists across Africa and capturing their stories, to advisor for the Association for Women's Rights in Development, and speaker at the African Union.
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