March 6, 2024
REPLAY: A Pan-African Lens: Filmmaking and Identity
REPLAY: A Pan-African Lens: Filmmaking and Identity


In this conversation, Oluwaseun Babalola discusses her journey as a filmmaker and the inspiration behind her initiatives like Soju and Kosinima. She emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in creative work and the need for African and Afro-diasporic storytellers to have their own platforms. She also highlights the power of storytelling as a tool for social change and encourages filmmakers to tell specific and honest stories that can resonate with audiences. She addresses the challenges African storytellers face in navigating expectations and stereotypes and emphasizes the need for authenticity and integrity in storytelling.

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ABOUT THE contributor
Seun Babalola & Anwulika Okonjo
Oluwaseun Babalola is an award-winning director, 2x Emmy-nominated producer, exhibited photographer, nonprofit founder/executive director, and a community organizer with over a decade of travel, film, event, and television expertise in 20+ countries.
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